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The Greek goddess of healing,Iaso

Iaso or Iiso (in the Ionic dialect) is an ancient Greek ideal, anthropomorphic, secondary (attached Aesculapius) god intertwined with the "sacred" sense of healing (healing). Reportedly daughter of Asclepius and Ipioni, sister goddesses Hygeia(health), Akesos, Panacea and Aegle or as Amphiaraos daughter .
As derivatives of the verb iaomai (= heal) place names: Iasis (Healing) - Jason - Iasos - Jesus (implicitly) - Iatir - Iatos - Iatros(doctor) - Iator and the Iama(remedy) as a means of therapy - as holy water of Christians.
Pausanias reports that in Amphiaraeion Oroposu was the altar, one of the five parts of which were dedicated to Aphrodite, the Panacea, the Iaso, Hygeia(health) and Peony Athena.
Also worshiped at Epidaurus and Athens.

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