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Empousa in Greek mythology

Empousa with bronze and asinine legs
   Empousa in Greek mythology was a ghost (or a group of ghost in the plural: `Empousai) which was sent by Hecate as a harbinger of suffering,and with the name of which mothers frighten the naughty children in ancient Greece. Empousa is mentioned by Aristophanes (in the comedy Frogs, where Empousa scares Dionysus and Xanthus on their way to the underworld) and other comedy writers. Believed that she was transformed usualy to: a cow,a bird, a beautiful woman,a dog,a tree, a stone and many other formats. Empousas face glowed like fire and she had either a single leg or a bronze and a asinine. Also said that she feed on human flesh.
   From the mythical form, `Empousa was the mother of  the orator Aeschines,she was the priestess of the Mysteries, because they are suddenly overnight at myoumenous and frightened.


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