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Flowers in Greek mythology

Written By Unknown on Monday, June 9, 2014 | 6:03 PM

Myths about the flowers in Greek Mythology

    The rich Greek Mythology could not certainly avoid to include myths with references to flowers. Some of them are famous worldwide and transmitted orally or in writing through the centuries. Ηere you will find the most famous of these myths and others less famous, but equally interesting. If some of you know and other myths of Greek mythology associated with flowers and want to publish them, please contact me.

Almond in Greek mythology Αμυγδαλιά

Anemone Ανεμώνη

Adonis Άδωνις

Iris Ίρις

Hyacinth Υάκινθος

Narcissus Νάρκισσος

Saffron Κρόκος

Daphne Δάφνη

Rose Τριαντάφυλλο

Aster Άστερ

Peony Παιώνια

Agave Αγαύη

Achillea Αχιλλέα

Althea Αλθαία

Fir Έλατο

Cypress Κυπαρίσσι
Helleboreus Ελλέβορος 

Centaurea Κενταύρια

Orchid Ορχιδέα


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