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Almond in Greek mythology

     The Greek mythology tells us about a beautiful princess Phyllis, she was the daughter of a king of Thrace. She fell in love with the son of  Theseus, Demophon. This young man was found in the place of Phyllis while he was returning by boat from Troy and the king gave him a part of his kingdom and his daughter as a wife.

almond tree in greek mythology
Almond Tree
After some time Demophon was nostalgic for his homeland, Athens so much that he asked to go there for a while. Phyllis agreed, when he promised he would be back soon, so he got into a boat and set sail. Phyllis was abandoned waiting for the love of her heart, at the place of the wedding ceremony.She waited years for his return, but eventually she died of wilting. The gods, out of pity, transformed Phyllis into a tree, the almond, which became a symbol of hope. When the errant and remorseful, Demophon returned, he found Phyllis like a naked tree without leaves and flowers. Desperate he hugged the tree, which suddenly flooded with flowers, showing that love can not be defeated by death.


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