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Pandora's Box in Greek mythology

      Zeus was very angry with the people, because they had accepted, with such pleasure the gift of fire from Prometheus,so he decided to punish them.
He called the other gods and all together created a woman,she was so pretty, as a picture and so intelligent,they named her,Pandora.
     So,the mighty god send Pandora to Epimetheus,by telling him:"She is your wife,Epimitheus.We gift her to you,because you created all the animals of the earth".
Zeus gave to Pandora and Epimitheus a sealed box.And told them:"Take this box,keep it in a safe place and never try to open it."
Epimitheus thanked Zues and turned to look Pandora.He was so charmed by her beauty,that he forgot the warning of his brother,Prometheus,never accept gifts from the other gods.
So,he married Pandora and hide the box in a dark room in his house.
    Pandora was living happily wuth Epimitheus.Everything,around her were beautiful,no one got sick or old.Everybody were happy.But,that was not enough for her,she was thinking all the time about the sealed box.She thought"What could be inside it?"Maybe jewels or any other precious objects?"
So,she asked Epimitheus,smiling at him"Let's take a look".But Epimitheus being sad,refused,by telling her that Zeus warned them,never to open it.He wanted to please her,but he also was feared the wrath of Zeus.
   Pandora kept asking Epimitheus everyday to open the box,but he refused to her everyday.
So,one day that Epimitheus was not home,Pandora went to the room where the box was,stood there and kept looking to it.And then she decided to open it.Grabbed  a tool,broke the seal,gathered all her courage and opened it slowly.Without even having time to look inside the box,terrifying voices and sounds were heard,so many crying and shout,it was like the end of the world.Pandora was scared and flinched back.Outside of the box got every horrible things,like hatred and envy,the cruelty and anger,the starvation and poverty,pain and sickness,senescense and death.

  Pandora tried to close the box,but it was to late.Everything that caused misery to the people,was thrown out from the box.However,at the end came out something little and cute,it was hope.People would suffer from many disaster but now they would have hope, so they would never give up.


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