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Centaurs in Greek mythology

greek mythology and centaurs
Centaurs in fight
The centaur is a creature of Greek mythology, probably as a virtual display of severe weather phenomena followed by observing the speed of clouds.In history and art the centaurs are depicted with a human upper torso, and animal (horse) lower . As temperaments, but it did not seem quite balanced and presented as a primitive species that had more to animal nature rather than human heritage.

The myth puts them in Thessaly, in the literal Greek magical land of territory rich in meteorological observation data so that gave rise to the famous witches. So the mythological presence in Thessaly land initiated by a native king of the Lapiths.

In Greek art the standard depiction of the Centaurs is one that shows them attacking the Lapiths and engage in acts of rape and pillage, as in the wedding ceremony Peirithos.

In general, we could say that their presence was symbolic of unlimited and unpredictable properties of the natural world, seen from sunshine to storms and the depression of the latter, except perhaps in the case of the Centaur Chiron.

Similarly literary presence in the myth is often symbolic of cultural need to re-establish-dominance rather to what the ancient Greeks perceived as their own sphere of knowledge and influence. The ellinogeneis heroes had to establish the presence of culture in a wider world to transmit on accomplishments, taming mythical or supernatural beings, which was nothing more than demonstration of knowledge thereon.Also other non-human creatures were Scylla, Charybdis, Chimera and the Sphinx depicting the ideal knowledge observation of Greek culture to the wider world then.

Hybrid creatures such as centaurs were probably accounted the invasions of the negative aspects of the nature in the world of the jurisdiction of the Greeks.

The end of the Centaurs

Most of them were exterminated by Hercules,while the rest, enchanted by the sounds of sirens, died of hunger. The other centaurs fled. The centaur Nessus went to River Evino where harassed eroticly the wife of Hercules,Deianeira,which was later killed by him. Hercules, unwillingly, he shot to Eiliat and wounded Chiron (friend), who resigned from his immortality because of the horrible pain from the arrow that was soaked by the Hydra's blood. Centaur Omados,left for Arcadia where he harassed the sister of Eurystheus Alcyone. One of the Centaurs of Folois, Evrytionas came back in and went to Olenos of Achaia to get violently again the daughter of Dexamenos. Later he was killed by Hercules. The Centaurs were scattered from Malea to the Tyrrhenian where others died of starvation and other enchanted by the song of the sirens. 


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