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Graeae in Greek mythology

The Graeae were mythical creatures of Greek mythology.They were two (or three by others), the Pefrido and Enyo, they were borned old and they were children of Phorcys and Kitus. Phorcys and Kito were brothers, children of Pontus and Gaia.The Graeae had one eye and one tooth which they shared among themselves. Some say they were beautiful and had a swan neck. Once, Perseus came to their cave , wanting to know where is the Gorgon Medusa, sister of Graeae. Knowing that the demon creatures would deny to uncover the lair of their sister, grabbed the eye and the tooth and told them that he would not return them unless they say where was the Gorgon Medusa. They told him to go to the Nymphs of the North to tell him. Perseus then threw the eye into a river , so the Graeae wouldnt be able to alert the Nymphs.


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