Medusa's head

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Greek mythology monster Medusa's head

Medusa head in Greek mythology
Medusas head on an ancient vessel
One of the greatest Greek mythology monsters was Medusa. Polydektes knew that many people had tried but none managed to kill Medusa , that awful monster instead of hair had snakes and anyone who dared to look at her would become stone. So the king was sure that neither Perseus could manage to kill her.
 Perseus did not hear the words of Polydektes without fear. But he could not refuse the challenge. " I'll go and bring you the head of Medusa " he said.
      The gods were watching Perseus and decided to help him. While he was preparing to start his seeking, goddess Athena appeared in front of him .She gave him a shield and showed him how to use it . Also god Hermes gave him a couple winged sandals to travel quickly ,a helmet that made him invisible a sickle and a bag .

Perseus accepted all these gifts and flew over the sea to the mountains of the north, where Gorgon Medusa lived. Finally he landed in a valley full of rocks and followed the path which was leading to the cave where the monster was . Statues of brave men, were raised around,they had looked at the beast and turned into stone, silence prevailed around. Neither animals or birds were approaching these places.
      Once arrived in the cave, Perseus did what he was advised by Athena. He looked through the sparkling shield trying to use it as a mirror. Then he distinguished Medusa.
The monster had such a horrible look that he started shivering from fright. She heard the footsteps, but did not see him because he was wearing the helmet that made him invisible. She came crawling out of the cave, while the snakes on her head whistled tremendously through their forked tongues.
      With eyes fixed on the shield, Perseus made ​​a leap forward. Then he raised his scythe and cut off the head of Medusa, a terrible scream was heard and the monster fell dead.
Perseus lifted her head without looking at it, because even now it could transform him into stone. Then he dropped her head into the bag and for greater security, tightly tied the bag with a rope.

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