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King Midas

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The story of king Midas in Greek mythology

king midas      Midas was a fool and greedy king,but when he wanted,he could be kind and generous.One day the old-Silinus who was a satyr,visited the king's palace.The satyrs had body of a goat and human head.As he was tired and hungry from his traveling around the hills and mountains,asked from Midas to host him.And he did it,he treated him very well and gave him to eat the best food.
    But,Silinus was one of the companions of the god Dionysus and the god was very happy,from the treatment of king Midas to the satyr.So,one day Dionysus visited him "Tell me what you wish mostly and i will make your wish come true,whatever you want",he said.
The king after some thinking replied to the god by saying,"Whatever i touch,i want it to turn into gold".But the god told him that could be dangerous and asked him if that was his final decision. "Yes,that's what i want",responded Midas."Very well,your wish is granted" said Dionysus and disappeared.
   When Midas was left alone,he looked around and touched the table.Instantly the table became gold,"Lovely",shouted, Midas "I will become the richest man in the world",he continued.After that he started touching every object he could find in the palace,and everything turn into gold.
   Then he ordered to prepare him,a richy meal.When they placed the food on the table and he tried to take a plate,it became golden.Also,when tried to eat,the food became gold.He felt so anxious,realised that he can't eat nor drink anything.
   In the same time,his son came in,asking "What happened to the palace father?",Midas touched him at his shoulders and wright away,the young boy transformed into a golden statue.The fool king shouted,"What have i done!"  and burst into tears.
   At the night,Midas being lonely and hungry begged Dionysus to save him,before he die from starvation.
"I have warned you" the god said,who appeared suddenly infront of him."Tomorrow go and wash in the river and everything will be as before.And let what happened to you,become a lesson".
  When dawned,Midas run fasta at the river and dip into the water.When he came out,touched the shore,but nothing happened,the shore was as before,full with mad."I am saved.." sighed with relief.When he returned to his palace,he saw that everything was like before and his son came running to welcome him.
  Midas has stopped being greedy,but he still was fool.Someday god Apollo and god Pan compete to see who plays the better music.Apollo played so beautifully with his lyre that even the birds stopped singing,to listen his music.Pan played a sad and maudlin music."The winner is Apollo" said the judge.But king Midas,who also had heard them playing, shouted "Pan was better!".
  God Apollo gor angry and said "It seems that your ear are to small and can't hear good.I will make them bigger!" and with his finger pointed the head of Midas.
  The king put his hands on his head and grope two big ears,as the donkey.He covered them with his coat and run to the palace.There he was wearing a tall skull cap,which was hiding his ears and which he didnt take off ever when he went to sleep.
   The time was passing and the king's hair grew.He had to get a haircut.So,he called his barber and made him swear that he wont say anything to anyone about his ears."If you say anything,you will die",the king said.
   At the begining,the barber didnt say anything.But as the time passed he wanted to tell someone about the king's mishap.When he could not anymore keep it secret,went to the shore of the river and dug a hole,bended over it and whispered"The king has donkey's ears".And covered the hole with soil.
   Spring came,the shore was full of reeds and as the gentle wind was playing with them,they were whispering whistling softly,"The king has donkey ears,The king has donkey ears".That way the secret of king Midas was known to everyone.


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