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Greek gods

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Greek Gods

The twelve gods of Olympus are the main gods of Greek mythology who lived on top of Mount Olympus. The Olympian gods gained power by defeating the Titans at the  Clash of the Titans. In fact the ancient Greeks did not have any particular Twelve, but there were major and minor gods and others who worshiped locally eg Zeus, Poseidon and Hades were the major gods, and the god Dionysus was younger. The Twelve is a concept formed by western scholars in 16th-17th century and has performed with various configurations among the 14 gods.

Zeus or Jupiter:Father of Gods and the greatest of them. God of weather phenomena, protector of strangers, family and fertility. Worshiped as the wise god who determined the fate of the people and regulate the moral order of the world.
Hera: Sister and wife of Zeus. Was the protector of marriage and marital fidelity.
Poseidon: god of the sea, rivers, sources of drinking water and general fluid element.
Demeter: goddess of earth, agriculture, flora, food, marriage and protector of farmers.
Hestia: Hestia was the eldest daughter and first child of Cronus and Rhea, so we headed all major Deities. Protector of family happiness, was the sanctuary of the center of the house and has not only offered the first and also the last sacrifice to any festive gathering of man. Hestia, Athena and Artemis, were the only goddesses over had no power Venus (which had subjugated all Gods and men).
Venus: Goddess of love and beauty.
Apollo: god of divination, music and dance, morals and logic. He was still healing god.
Ares: God of battle and war
Artemis: goddess of wild nature, hunting, animals and fertility.
Athena: Goddess of Wisdom, arts and prudent warfare
Hephaestus: god of fire, volcanoes, metallurgy and patron of craftsmen. Was still the manufacturer of weapons of the gods.
Hermes: was the messenger of the gods, preacher and psychopomp, patron of commerce, travelers and the thieves.

Other deities of Greek mythology are:
Pluto [or Hades , in early antiquity]: God of the Lower and the Invisible World.
Dionysus: God of drama and play, god of wine. It is also associated with fertility.
Hecate: Goddess of sorcery.
Eros: God of love.
Hebe: Goddess of youth.
IASO: Goddess of healing.
Pan: God of fauna and pastors.
Persephone: Goddess of seasons [daughter of Demeter].
Aeolus: God of winds.
Themis: Goddess of justice.

In come places the Twelve changed,Hearth,Pluto and local deities (especially rivers), entered to it, because they play an essential role in the survival of humans.


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