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Apollo god in Greek mythology 

statue of greek god apollo
Statue of Greek god Apollo
Apollo in Greek mythology is the Great god of Greek pantheon ("Aplon" in Thessalian dialect), with around 350 invocations, his aliases and local cults were, healer, clairvoyant and solar ("Phoebus"). Likely to inspire the god "Aplou" in Etruscan mythology.
Born by the god Zeus (which in invocations clear, unclouded, overclouded allegory in air and sky) and godmother goddess Leto (which allegory in starry nocturnal firmament). The invocation of "Delios' naturally means not only the born on the island of Delos, but God makes visible Dila and everything, but everything vision (" panderkes having faesimvroton OMMA "according to the 34th Orphic Hymn, ie as the god glance illuminates mortals and observes everything).

The belief that the cause of all of the products is the Sun, whose light penetrates the hidden causes, (according to the magical papyrus collection Papyri Graecae Magicae) «telescopes and the ruler world" god Phoebus Apollo is closely associated with the functions of the so-called Fate and thighs, as God divine (Agnomantis, true, Dafnaios, divining Moiragetis, Tripodilalos). The divination property of Apollo is explained by the fact that he was a music producer capacity, as we will see below, allows full clarity of vision at various points of time motion, whose time traffic mainstay and is the father of rhythmic part of the Triune (rate , melody, harmony) that defines the music.

The god of light Apollo was associated with youth and beauty (because the Sun that emerges eternally young new every morning, and then with a light show on earth all nice and "miraculous." Related invocations are Olviourgos, perfectness, Fanis, gladsome), with Medical and Therapeutic (because sunlight offers health, disinfects, and also increases the healthy and healing herbs. Related invocations Peonies, Alexikakos, Ipiocheir, MD) with the music (because everything is illuminated vibrate as part of Universal Music) and any artistic creation (god of the Muses, God Musagete or Musagetes. Related invocations of the Musician Kitharodos, Musagete).

Sacred plants of the laurel, sunflower, the juniper, the myrtle sunflower and hyacinth. Daphne is a nymph daughter of the river Peneus, who loved the great Greek god but without much success. So after fervent invocation to Gaia transformed the namesake plant. Apollo than that found no response to erotic call in Daphne honored her making her the most famous sanctuary of plant. The Hyacinth is also a loved one for the god of the Sun. Apollo and Hyacinth were playing with a golden disc and the Zephyr blew and struck the fatal gorgeous new. Then Apollo from his blood made the sanctuary of plant. Sacred symbols of the Tripos, the Guitar and bow and arrow. Sacred animals the wolf, the hawk, the swan, the crow, the rooster, the cicada, the dolphin and the ram. Sacred devotional color gold. As the goddess Athena's sacred number is seven (ie the number of completeness, spirit and macrocosm).

Names for Greek god Apollo

 Other famous invocations of the Agraios, Agretis, Aktion Amyklaion, Generator, Deiradiotis, Dionysodotis, Enagonios, Epakyios, Sun, Karneios, Kitharodos, Kourotrophos, legally, Ogkaios, Ogkeatas, Ptoon, Pythian, Spondios, Tmoos, Tiritas Luxury Villas, Hyperborean and more
greek god Apollo
In ancient Crete god Apollo was called "Apollo Tarraios" after Dorian rule by the name of the ancient city Tarra where had become the major center of worship in the island.
In the Doric legendsin in Crete Apollo asked atoning cleansing  for the murder of the dragon Python, at Delphi, which was in town Tarra in the residence of the priest Karmanora. From that city was developed the worship of the god Apollo as Tarraios, in Crete he was worshiped with his sister Artemis (Vritomaris) and to honor them, great temples were founded.


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